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  Phyllis Stoller

Phyllis Stoller has lived and worked overseas and was an international banker, before starting one of the first Women's Travel Groups in 1992. The WTGroup specializes in smart tours and insightful itineraries for women. Phyllis founded The Group to:

  • To exceed travel expectations with unique experiences alongside area highlights.
  • To help appreciate the nuances of a society and country.
  • To fill each day with anticipation, and each evening with friendly conversation.
  • To create a new world perspective, shared with new travel friends.

Phyllis has been recognized as "Top in Women's Travel" by Travel & Leisure Magazine and one of the most "Influential Women in Group Travel" by GroupsToday Magazine. As an aside, the travel agent in "Fun With Dick and Jane" is named Phyllis (her son co-wrote the film).

  Mary Barnett

Mary is known for her extensive destination knowledge and creative itinerary design. Her travel career and lifelong love of travel began as a Pan Am stewardess.

Mary became one of Pan Am World Tours first guides to escort Americans to China when it opened up to U.S. tourism in 1979. These were exciting days for China travel when every itinerary included cities like Kaifeng, Tsingtao or Jinan. Barnett worked for Club Universe as tour director from 1981 to 1985. She accompanied KABC*s crew as they filmed and was invited to join Elmer Dills for armadillo and lynx, when the Beijing government PR representative nearly fainted at the thought. She has traveled often to Europe and Asia with a particular focus on France, Italy and Thailand. Her extensive knowledge of China is based on over 70 trips including Tibet, Yunnan, the Silk Road and other off- the-beaten track areas.

Barnett joined SITA World Tours, with a focus on building its ever-growing Group Division and high end tailor made travel.

She travels often with her family, most recently to Italy where everyone learned to make pasta and gnocchi * producing so many variations that both lunch and dinner became 6 course extravaganzas!

  Emily Chang

Emily's earliest experience with traveling was in the role of "crying baby on the plane," and later "toddler that won't stay in her seat." This early exposure to the wonders of travel has made her a lifelong wanderlust and adventurer at heart.

Emily joined SITA World Tours at the Los Angeles headquarters in 2005, after having spent over a decade living abroad in Asia. As part of the marketing department, she is very familiar with SITA's extensive range of destinations and products, with plenty of first-hand destination information to share. As part of her love of the travel industry and ongoing continued education in the field, she also holds a Masters Degree in Tourism Administration from George Washington University.
  Khalida Hilm - Morocco

Khalid hails from Marrakesh, Morocco, where she was born and raised. She is multilingual and holds a degree in translation from Sorbonne University in Paris. The languages in which she is fluent include Arabic, French, English, Hebrew, and is familiar with German, Spanish, Italian,Turkish and Persian.

As an officially recognized tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism in Morocco, Khalida has over 20 years of tour leading experience in both French and English and has also served as a Program Director for a major American tour operator. The celebrities that have been entrusted in her care during her many years of tour guiding include Her Majesty Margaret the Second the Queen of Denmark, Sonia Ghandi of India, several first ladies in Africa and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

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